For Nurses

SAGINS Education Fund

18 May 2023

Dear SAGINS members

I would like to announce the return of our prestigious SAGINS program for the 2023 SAGINS/SAGES Congress.

As we are all aware, nurses may not be sponsored to a third-party event, by the industry. These regulations are se out by SAMED. Therefore, we continue to the grant application process to allow us to attend medical congresses.

All new individuals who would like to join, are welcome to do so by completing a SAGINS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION form. Only registered members of SAGINS, can be considered to attend the upcoming event.

Those members who would like to attend the upcoming SAGINS/SAGES congress are required to complete a SAGINS EDUCATIONAL GRANT APPLICATION FORM. The grant will be distributed to appropriate members who are currently involved in Gastroenterology.

All grant applications will be considered but is not guaranteed approval. The following is considered:

  1. SAGINS membership
  2. Contributions towards the current academic program
  3. Attendance of meetings and workshops
To download an Educational Grant Application form, click here.

Please send all completed application forms through to (SAGINS secretary)

Ashlene Hill
SAGINS President