About us


1.NAME :

South African Gastro-Intestinal Nurses Society (SAGINS).
Affiliation :To South African Gastroenterology Society (SAGES).


Shall be in Cape Town or such center as may be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


To be eligible to win an academic award, the presenter of the paper or poster must be a paid up member of SAGINS.

3.1 Full members :-

Registered or Enrolled nurses who pay the prescribed membership dues and are fully paid up members of the South African Nursing Council (SANC) and are presently involved in the field of gastroenterology.

3.2 Associate members :-

a) Any non-practicing, retired Registered nurse or Enrolled nurse who is not a fully paid-up member of SANC and has an interest in the field of gastroenterology;
b) A diploma or degree or certificate in the Health Science field or special interest in gastroenterology.
c) Provision shall be made for associate members of health-related organizations and individuals that are not members of SANC.

3.3 Corporate members :-

a. Open to all interested companies.
Have the right to attend and speak at meetings as prescribed by the Committee. b. Each paid-up Corporate Member will - Have equal time allocated by the President of the Society with no exceptions. Corporate Members will have no vote or hold office at meetings.

3.4 Honorary Life Membership :-

On recommendation by members, any person may be elected as an Honorary Life Member in recognition of special services rendered to the Society or to the nursing profession. Members with 15 years unbroken membership may apply. Application shall be in writing and motivation and request must be submitted to the committee for nomination. Life members need not pay subscription fees and will benefit from all privileges of membership.


An annual subscription to be paid into the SAGINS account each year, shall entitle the subscriber to membership. The amount agreed upon will be decided by the majority vote at the AGM. New members will pay a joining fees as stipulated with an annual maintenance fee. Membership will be cancelled if fees are not paid for two consecutive years. Members so removed must reapply. Resignation from the Society will be in writing to the treasurer. The member remains liable for all fees due at the time of resignation.


5.1 To unite in an organization persons engaged in gastroenterology in a supervisory, teaching, technical or administrative capacity or with a special interest in the field;
5.2 To encourage and develop education programs for persons in the field of nursing;
5.3 To enable members to keep abreast with advances in technology related to gastroenterology and to assist the endoscopy specialists;
5.4 To promote professional contact with other societies and institutions;
5.5 To promote the provision of optimal health care to the patient during gastrointestinal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
5.6 To facilitate and promote research in the field of gastroenterology.


Only full members qualify to be elected to this committee.
a) President
b) President Elect
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) One representative from each of the provinces

6.1 The members of the committee shall be elected at the AGM by all those entitled to vote as set out in paragraph 14. Nominations accepted by the nominees must reach the Secretary at least one calendar month before the AGM for members unable to attend the AGM. Additional nominations accepted by the nominees, can be handed in to the Secretary 24 hours before the election process. Nominations will be accepted from the floor if insufficient nominations have been received. The nominees must be paid up members of the Society.
6.2 The President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer, all elected at the AGM, shall constitute the Executive Committee.
6.3 The Executive Committee shall decide matters which cannot be held over until the next meeting of the full committee. The full committee shall ratify all decision so taken.
6.4 Any members of the Committee that are absent from more than two consecutive meetings without good reason will be disqualified and replaced temporarily by a person chosen by the Executive Committee. Vacancies occurring during the year shall be filled at the next meeting of the Society by majority vote.

6.5 Term of office :-

Not to exceed two years. Members may stand for re-election after this period.


7.1 To frame rules and such things which shall not be at variance with those of SANC.
7.2 (a) To open an account in the name of the Society at a bank. (b) Two accredited members shall sign the withdrawals. These members shall be from the executive committee and/or the education fund committee.
7.3 To organize meetings.
7.4 To make arrangements for holding AGM’s.
7.5 To prepare and present the annual audited or examined financial report at the AGM.
7.6 To subscribe or to donate to such bodies as may be of interest to the members.
7.7 To pay such honorariums as may be necessary from time to time.
7.8 To raise funds for educational and welfare purposes concerning members.
7.9 To appoint an auditor.
7.10 From time to time, determine annual subscription fees.


8.1 Preside at all meetings of members of the Society and at all meetings of the Committee. Should the President be unable for any reason so to act, any meeting shall be chaired by the President Elect, failing whom the Secretary, failing whom the Treasurer.
8.2 Having a casting vote in the case of a tie of votes.
8.3 In general, carry out those tasks entrusted to him/her by a meeting of members or by the Committee.
8.4 Handle all matters concerning Corporate Members.


9.1 Send out all agendas and keep all minutes of meetings of members and the Society.
9.2 Keep an attendance register of meetings of members and the Society.
9.3 Manage all correspondence and those tasks entrusted to him/her by the President.


10.1 Arrange for collection of members’ subscriptions.
10.2 See to the settlement of the accounts of the Society.
10.3 Keep the accounts and books of the Society.
10.4 Draw up the financial report, arrange for the auditing thereof and submit it at the AGM to the members for approval.
10.5 Keep an updated register of members of the Society.
10.6 In general carry out those tasks entrusted to him/her by the President and/or Committee, provided that the Committee in its discretion may determine the way which the funds of the Society may be invested and/or withdrawn provided further that all books and register of the Society shall be open to inspection by any member of the Society at any reasonable time.


Promote the Society in their area by - 11.1 Recruiting new members. Identify with hospitals in their region.
11.2 Organize meetings for educational purposes.
11.3 Raise funds for the Society.
11.4 Submit a written report at the AGM on activities through the year. Submit this report to the Secretary of the Society.


There shall be at least one Committee meeting and one AGM per annum.
The AGM will take place during the annual SAGES/SAGINS congress. At the Committee meeting, five committee members shall constitute a quorum. At the AGM five full members present as well as the Committee shall constitute a quorum when the membership total is not more than a hundred. For each additional one hundred members the quorum shall be increase by one.
Special General Meeting – the Executive Committee at their pleasure or on the request by at least three members, may call a Special General Meeting. Seven days’ notice shall be given to all members and five members shall form a quorum at such meetings. A telephone conference can facilitate such a meeting.


13.1 Read notice convening the meeting and check credentials.
13.2 Read minutes of previous AGM or any Special General Meeting.
13.3 Deal with any matters arising.
13.4 Read report and financial statement (Treasurer).
13.5 Election of Committee and office bearers.
13.6 Deal with any special matters as per notice of meeting.
13.7 General.
13.8 A copy of the annual report and the financial statement shall be submitted at the AGM of the Society and members.

14. VOTING :

14.1 At all meetings of the Society, each full member present is entitled to vote. The President or person presiding at the meeting shall have the casting vote.
14.2 The vote of the members present shall bind the majority.


15.1 Any alterations to this Constitution can only be made at an AGM or Special General Meeting called for this purpose. Notice of any proposed change must be embodied in the agenda accompanying the notice convening the meeting.
15.2 The proposed change in the Constitution shall be effective only if agreed to by at least two-thirds of the accredited members present.


16.1 The Society may only be dissolved by at least two-thirds majority vote of members of the Society present and exercising their vote at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose and of which at least one month’s written notice shall be given to members.

16.2 If on dissolution of the Society, there remain any surplus funds, such surplus funds can be transferred to a trust fund as determined by the majority of votes of members of the Presiding Committee or, if no agreement can be reached, the majority of votes of Members of the Society.

Revised 2015.